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Dear Internet Marketing Friend,

If you’re like most internet marketers, you know how hard it is to get traffic: you have a great product and high conversion copy... the only problem is that no one knows about it!  And nothing you do gets the volume of traffic you need.  You’ve probably already tried:

SEO – and found out it takes forever to get right, and then the search engines changes all their rules again!

Pay per Click – and found out the only traffic you get is from your wallet to Google’s bank account!

Joint Ventures – and discovered that no-one wants to know you regardless how good your product is! Plus you end up paying 50, 60, 70 sometimes even 80% commission!

Some of that stuff still works, sort of, but have you ever wondered why some web marketers have more traffic than they ever dreamed of while others get less and less?  Why some web marketers succeed beyond their wildest dreams and others fall by the wayside?  You know the ones I’m talking about…the sites that are constantly upgrading just so they can keep up with a growing flood of traffic?

What do they know that you don’t? 

Welcome to the ULTIMATE

 Video Course on Web 2.0!

The Income Traffic Explosion Tutorial Ebook

Inside this video course, you will discover...

Web 2.0 Video Course spills tons of power packed secrets that will change the way you do business!
With Web 2.0 Video Course, you’ll learn how to harness the power of Web 2.0 to get an unlimited stampede of Web surfers - more traffic than you know what to do with!
You don’t just get a stampede of traffic - you get exactly the kind of rich hungry buyers you want!
What’s more, Web 2.0 Video Course will show you how to do it FREE without paying a penny!
Follow my easy step by step instructions, then sit back and watch the stampede!
Guess what the real kicker is when you get a stampede of 100% targeted traffic?  You make tons more MONEY!

That’s right…Web 2.0 Video course is not just the latest shiny new idea - it’s a treasure trove of power packed and carefully tested methods that will get you a stampede of 100% targeted traffic FREE and make you money!


I won’t pretend it’s simple to earn money from the first day, but…

In fact if you had to figure out how to do it the right way, it would take you months and maybe years.  But I’ve done all the heavy lifting…

All YOU have to do is carefully follow my step by step instructions, and my powerful process will rake in a stampede of customers and cash!

Income Traffic Explosion 
Thats the Name of the Game 

How is Web 2.0 Video Course different?

The first part of the answer is really pretty simple…so simple people don’t even think about it.  If you bought a computer in 1999 and tried to load a 2007 platform on it, what would happen?  Not much, of course, except for a frozen screen.  Why would you even think of doing it?

But when it comes to web marketing, everyone still uses the same old marketing techniques that worked in 1999!  Computers aren’t the only things that have changed since fact, the internet has outpaced hardware by leaps and bounds!  Is it any wonder those old ways don’t work anymore?  The only real surprise is that people still try to use them!

Internet marketers have known for a long time that things that worked last century don’t work now in the 21st century, but very few have figured out what does work.  That’s the second part of the answer, and it’s not quite so simple. 

The web has changed, but something else has happened too - we’ve changed the way we use the web.  Discovering those changes AND knowing how to use them are the keys to success! 

Leverage the power of WEB 2.0!

At first, I struggled to get mediocre sales using pay per click and all the other "tricks" of the old web.  A lot of people would be satisfied with that, but I hate doing things halfway, so I started looking for ways to improve my sales.  I knew my copy and product were as good as they could be, but how were people going to buy my product if they couldn’t find it?  So I started looking for ways to get more traffic.  After all, anyone in sales knows that the easiest way to make sales is to have lots of prospects.  But I wasn’t ready for the Traffic Storm I found! 

I’d heard a few people talking about “Web 2.0” and, like most people, I thought it was probably some kind of fad that would last a few months and then just fade away.  But I decided to look into it anyway, and what I learned changed my life forever!  

It didn’t take me long to figure

out I was crawling when I could

be galloping, storming forward,

winning the game!

After a lot of painstaking research I’ve put together a killer package of tested, foolproof ideas guaranteed to drive
herds of rich and hungry buyers right through your siteThey're the same methods I personally use to drive traffic to my sites!  

All you'll have to is sit back, watch the stampede, and rake in the money.

Get your Traffic Storm to your website(s) and Explode Your Web Income


Web 2.0 Income Video Course!


Unleash Your Web 2.0 Traffic Storm - over 100 Tutorial Pages!

With this Web 2.0 Video Course, you’ll learn the secrets of how to use Web 2.0 to get a stampede of unlimited visitors - more traffic than you even know what to do with! 

Remember, the Web 2.0 Income Video Course is not just some kind of academic theory - it's made up of power packed proven methods carefully tested over the last 18 months that will get you a great Traffic Storm of 100% targeted visitors FREE!

With this Web 2.0 Video Course you’ll learn all about:

Over 40 different Web 2.0 websites that will bring you an avalanche of traffic - and I guarantee most marketers are not using all 40 sites.  In fact, I bet most aren't using 50%, or 25% or even 10% of them
Web 2.0 sites like Delicious, Digg, Squidoo,  StumbleUpon, Listible and BlinkList can drive a fast and furious stampede of traffic to any site on the web INSTANTLY
The step-by-step copy and paste techniques used by the world's most successful Web 2.0 marketers - some borrowed, some stolen, some original. Who cares? They're all yours!
How to use sites like Twitter, Jaiku and Dodgeball to create a frenzy of activity during your product launch!
The 4 crucial ‘P’s of Web 2.0 marketing – the NEW Ps – not the old Ps you may have already heard of!
How use Community Marketing to turn your prospects into thrilled paying customers!
How to use your own personal Social Networking sites to dominate any niche!
How to use Hi5 and other major Web 2.0 sites to rocket your rankings in all three major search engines!
How to use new Web 2.0 technology to create powerful high conversion sales letters!
How to use little-known Social Networking sites to attract swarms of rich prospects with lots of money to burn!
How to use Squidoo, Hubpages and more to make easy money, hand over fist!
How to use new Web 2.0-style Blogs to turn your customers into raving fans!
How to create a killer Web 2.0 website, using Web 2.0 technology like rich Web applications, information shaping, and tools like SiteKreator and Drupal.  Heck, I’ll even show you how to coordinate the Web developers!

…and that’s just the beginning!  The Web 2.0 Video Course is jam packed with little known and newly discovered secrets for success!

Your Web 2.0 Video Course is like a tool box for success!

Income Traffic Explosion 
Thats the Name of the Game 

My research may have been complicated, but benefiting from it is absolutely easy.  I'll carefully walk you through each step on each site, explaining what to do and the reasons behind it in clear concise language.  I'll even give you a comprehensive background in the new social networks and technologies that make up Web 2.0, so you understand why my methods work!  In fact, by the time you get through reading, understanding, and implementing Web 2.0 Video Course,
you’ll know more about Web 2.0 than 90% of all Internet marketers!   

Just joining these sites won’t do you any good.  I’ll show you how to fine tune my strategies to guarantee huge traffic to your site!  I’ll show you what works and what doesn’t work, and I’ll tell you why.  It takes a bit of time, but when you're done you won't believe the difference!  When you're done setting up my traffic storm machine, all you have to do is sit back and watch how the traffic and income virtually explodes, and it will!

The Web 2.0 Video Course will bring in more traffic and money than you know what to do and how to tackle and automatically for years to come!

You'll even get my WEB 2.0 traffic income ezine to keep you in the loop with all the latest tips and secrets to make sure you stay on the fast track!

What is it worth to you to learn the secrets of achieving fabulous wealth in the 21st century? 

What is it worth to you to flood your site with traffic, 24/7, 365 days a year?  $500?  

Remember, this traffic is free, and every visitor is a potential customer!  Is it worth $1000?

Believe it or not, you get the secrets of The Web 2.0 Video Course for only 

$97  $27


This is your Full Refund 60 Days 
Satisfaction Guarantee

Yes, I'm so confident...

...that this Web 2.0 Video Course is the key
to getting unstoppable targeted traffic to your websites
that I'm making this generous 60 day full refund satisfaction guarantee for you right now.

If Web 2.0 Video Course does not at least double your money
in 60 days, simply email me for a complete refund, and
you can even keep the full course just
for taking it for a test drive.


Okay, so what's inside this video course?

MODULE #1 Web 2.0 Training Videos

In this six part video series I even reveal one of my money making niches... I use a pen-name (a kind of pseudonym) in this niche, as I was always worried about people ripping me off. However, the truth is this... when I show you how many sub-niches there are within this niche, you will soon realise that there's room for more than just me. I couldn't possibly dominate this niche single-handedly, that's why I'm willing to reveal it to you - but only you.

Watch over my shoulder as I take you behind the scenes of some of the most powerful Web 2.0 and Social Networking sites out there. Period. Follow me step by step for how to set up your own sites to emulate getting hungry visitors directly to your sites.



MODULE #2 Marketing Training Videos

Watch as I show you how to get a massive cash boost injection in just    3 days flat. 

I will show you one of the niche sites and let you notice how I'm getting average sales day in, day out. You will learn how to suddenly let jump  sales - I mean even rocket into orbit! 

Using this sneaky technique (which I'm about to share with you) my sales went from about $50 to $100 per day, right up to between $300 and sometimes $500 in a single day. That's well over a 300% increase in sales. Using this technique brought in a massive increase in sales over the 3 days that I ran my cash boost niche test injection for.

I honestly believe that anyone can use this technique - regardless of their site, regardless of their niche. I've been using this technique for the last 18 months and every time I run it, I always get a huge surge in sales. If you deploy this today, I know you're going to make extra sales. If you watch my video, you'll see precisely what to do.

I even share the templates with you, so you can just copy and paste and adapt it for your niche to massively convert prospects into customers. What could be simpler?


These videos are worth well over $200 just by themselves, and probably thousands of dollars to you, but I let you in for this very special offer price of 

as little as $ 27 only! And included is your FREE copy of the Income Traffic Explosion Ebook which explaines all and everything on over 100 fully info packed pages. 

Download Web 2.0 Video Course Now and leave your competition in the dust...

So, you will get Your Income Traffic Explosion Ebook with
the Web 2.0 Video Course! And you’ll learn the secrets of driving traffic to your site easily and instantly with a click of your mouse! 

All for the ridiculously low price of $97 $27!

To Your Best Success With the Web 2.0 Traffic Storm!

 Martin Bigler 


P.S. Remember, using these techniques is the easiest and simplest way of getting hordes of hungry visitors straight to your site within hours, or even minutes! This traffic is the most targeted you will ever get in your life. Period.

. I am taking all the risk here, with my 60 Day Full Refund Satisfaction Guarantee. Act now so you don't miss out! 


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